Tuesday 24 April 2012

Dear Members of the European Anthropological Association!
Dear Visitors/Guests of the EAA blog!

This blog was started to stimulate the information exchange among the members of our Association in an informal way.
Any questions, news (congress invitations or reports, RSS journal or book contents, etc.), suggestions and critical remarks to the Association, to the "life" of EAA, as well as to the EAA web-site are sincerely welcomed.
Important posts published on this blog will be announced on the official EAA web-site as well (http://eaa.elte.hu).

Let me ask your help in this opening posting: My purpose is to continue the updating of the EAA members' database. The continuous update is very important not only to give correct information on our members at the site for the visitors, but to have a correct address list for posting the EAA publications as well. You can check your personal data on the EAA web-site (http://eaa.elte.hu/membershift_members.html). Please send me the requested changes in your data (zsakaia@elte.hu).

Thank you very much for your help and for your contribution to this forum!
Annamaria Zsakai